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Detection of Paper Sheets on a Conveyor Belt Using a Reflex Light Barrier

In the printing industry, printed products are conveyed via sheet-fed application machines. In order to reliably detect the front edges, a PNG//smart reflex light barrier with teach-in can be fitted above the conveyor belt on a moving background. The moving conveyor belt is used as a reference background and objects with a difference in contrast or height to the conveyor belt are detected. Alternatively, teach-in on a stationary background between the conveyor belts is also possible. This means that reflectors that would regularly become dirty due to paper dust can be dispensed with.

Reflex Light Barriers

Reflex light barriers detect and control objects by evaluating the signal strength and the principle of angle measurement. Thanks to the dynamic readjustment of the switching threshold, dirt and temperature can be compensated. Teach-in enables even transparent objects with a defined background to be recognized without additional reflectors.

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Product Highlights

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Reliable Object Detection without Reflector
Reflex Light Barrier